Apei occupation training

Brief introduction of occupation education American

The integrated curriculum mode of academic courses and professional courses integrating, provides the implementation framework for the implementation of the concept of vocational education for all students. Market oriented curriculum clear educational goals, according to the local economic development and social needs, training talents and the needs of the market.The combination of production education mode USA occupation education development to combine with different periods of economic strategy. Pay attention to the occupation education combined with economic development in different regions, the occupation education better service for regional development, the type and form of organization America occupation education tends to be diversified, and extended to the high level,the secondary occupation education, in addition to the traditional comprehensive school, occupation high school or technical secondary schools, but also the development of a the new "area occupation technology center" "area occupation technical school students," part time learning the general education curriculum in primary school,the other part of the time for the actual work in the business community, learning and work alternately, so that each student can achieve comprehensive development.

Occupation course training

APEI related occupation curriculum system, the existing system is based on the needs of the development of occupation education in the United States, for the Chinese occupation and post ability, put forward effective improvement through learning and training corresponding courses,so that students can quickly reach the corresponding occupation ability. APEI certification and training students can apply for the American notary of the federal government and the government of California, so from a certain extent, the authority on behalf of the occupation education and practice, in order to improve the ability of personal occupation and industry status, and increase the immigration occupation people advantage.

Vocational qualified certification

APEI training certification requires applicants to reach their 4E standards, namely, Experience, Ethics, Education and Examination. APEI certification take global standards, namely, textbooks, papers,examination, unified evaluation four. The final student obtains the unified relevant certificate. With the approval of APEI, Chinese examinees use APEI China headquarters to organize or specify Chinese textbooks, and use the Chinese test. After the examination is qualified to obtain the corresponding level of the unified certificate, the same national standard is authoritative and lifelong effective. APEI has perfect tracking control, teacher evaluation, certificate inquiry system to ensure the effectiveness and authority of training and certification.

Cooperative professional courses

In America APEI the use of their own advantages to launch "international trade", "financial and accounting", "general management", "social science", "professional mechanical equipment", "electronic information professional", "logistics", "professional housekeeping service" professional,professional training and certification the class of all sectors of society recognized.The "energy efficiency and building energy professional" developed in the European APEI joint University of Bath, University of Hamburg, University of Liverpool, and Technical University of Berlin developed a "general mechanical equipment management","logistics and purchasing", "professional HR professional", "social science and the development of the city" professional, professional and technical personnel transportation every year a large number of enterprises therefore, has been recognized by the enterprise.