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                               International Certified Psychological Consultant                                

In the United States, there are thousands of psychological counselors per thousand people. Statistics from developing countries before 2010 showed that only 30 mental workers per million population. In twenty-first Century, with the sustained growth of the national economy in developing countries, the people paid more attention to the quality of life. The problem of mental health has become a growing concern for the people of all countries. At the moment, the governments of developing countries also strongly advocate the development of psychological consultation industry. Many enterprises have incorporated psychological counseling into the category of enterprise training. At present, in the professional psychological counseling agencies, medical education, military, prison, community, enterprise system, counselors have begun to carry out psychological counseling, psychological counseling agencies from all walks of life are also strong demand for more professional counselors into the cause of mental health in Chinese people. The psychologist will become the profession that the people respect and yearn for in this century. To professional international psychology more to social culture, APEI launched the international registration of counselor training certification, in order to provide an international level of mental health professional talent for the society.

                               International Certified Nutritionist                                

Nutrition and health are also the main indicators to reflect the economic and social development of a country or region, the level of health care and the quality of the population. Therefore, nutrition is the international standard for the sustainable development of a country or a nation's social economy, science and technology, culture and education, spiritual civilization and so on. It is also an important part of the progress of human civilization. With the economic development of various developing countries and the continuous improvement of the people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health and life. Therefore, food safety, nutrition and health, nutrition and health care, nutrition and rehabilitation have become new demands of the society. The occupation of nutritionists is more and more valued by the society. In the United States, all hospitalized patients must have a nutritionist's participation. In Japan, there are 1 nutritionists in every 330 people, and the number of nutritionists is 2.4 times that of clinicians. While developing countries every 400 thousand people have a nutritionist, existing developing dietetics professionals, less than 30000 people, lack of talents in visible nutrition work, on the other hand also shows that nutritionists occupation prospects. According to the authority,the dietitian profession will be one of the hottest jobs in China's future.

                               International Certified Professional Manager                                

Occupation managers in 1841 from the United States, occupation managers refers to value of responsibility in a corporate property ownership, property rights and management rights are separated in the enterprise, responsible for business management of enterprise,has the absolute right of management and right of legal property, by the enterprises in the market occupation managers (including occupation manager market and society the internal occupation manager market) in the appointment, but their own to salaried and stock options as the main way of paid occupation management experts. A good professional manager must have managerial skills, leadership and organizational capabilities, and has a strong penetrating power to deal with various difficult problems, with a wide range of radiation. In particular, we can see the essence through the phenomenon of things, accurately grasp the key points of the problem,be good at starting the order from complex things, and have a strong penetrating and radiative power for both the upper and the lower. To do management work is mainly to deal with people, to see the value of talents, to pay attention to the role of talents and to tap the potential of talents.

    APEI international registration of occupation manager certification training, professional certification aims to create occupation managers of internationalization, promote enterprise management, professional managers of the occupation of the launch, is for the needs of the occupation managers training certification. training and certification will provide a basic reference for standardizing enterprise user standards, selecting modern enterprise system and training professional managers.