Occupation education exchange

Professional courses

Learn to set the curriculum according to the social needs and timely adjustment of professional categories; students according to the needs of the labor market change to choose their own professional direction.knowledge and skills training;curriculum setting of Vocational and technical education is associated with more than 300 professional fields, including eight categories: agribusiness, industry and commerce, marketing and sales, construction and engineering drawing, family economy, public health, services and technical training.

The curriculum system of communication

Multiple integrated curriculum model. The integration of academic courses and professional courses, provides the implementation framework for the implementation of the concept of vocational education for all students.On the one hand, to strengthen the academic course of study series of students of vocational education curriculum, curriculum and academic courses and general series series of vocational courses students to complete certain learning, which makes all the graduates with the knowledge and skills to enter a higher school or direct employment needs, to a certain extent in the equal opportunity in education. On the other hand, the integration of school-based curriculum and work based curriculum to stimulate students' interest in learning and motivation, students can better understanding, more effectively grasp the work in the field of knowledge and skills required to play a positive role..

Recommending employment opportunities

Pay attention to combine in the occupation education process of universities and enterprises, the development of "cooperation,also known as the occupation education" curriculum reform plan. Part time students in school curriculum, another part of the time for the actual work in the business community, learning and work alternately, so that each student can achieve comprehensive development. Students have the opportunity to obtain APEI certification in the United States to participate in the general electric, WAL-MART, Google, Chrysler company internship.

Research on academic exchange

In order to make students learn the latest America occupation education information and management philosophy, the secret of the world's top 500 enterprises successful exploration, the establishment of new occupation concept and management thinking, APEI integration of domestic and foreign high-quality educational resources, cooperation and America first-class university,established diplomatic relations with the world first-class enterprise, regularly organize students to American famous university and multinational business access,face-to-face exchanges and communication with the famous professor, business leaders and political elite, and overseas short-term MNI-EMBA actual course of study.